Drop Off Your Files and Documents at dropoff.us!

Are you busy? Great! At dropoff.us you can drop off your work from wherever you are now, and access it again from wherever your busy life takes you!

It's easy as a-b-c!

  1. Choose the number of files you wish to upload by clicking the quantity selector (one through ten). A list will appear with room for you to upload the number of files you specified.
  2. Click the button next to the first item in the list of files to be uploaded. After clicking the button you will be able to select the first file you wish to upload from your computer's hard drive. Continue to add files from your hard drive to the list of files to be uploaded.

  3. Click "Upload" in order to save your files.

Your files are not added to dropoff.us until you have completed all three steps.

Upload files
Public Private

Choose "Private" if you want your upload to be private. Note: if you choose "Private" then you must keep a copy of the link that will be given to you immediately after you upload your files. If you lose the link you will have no way to retrieve a file which was uploaded in private mode. If you choose "Public" then either you or others will be able to download your file from the public archive at dropoff.us.

All files are deleted from dropoff.us if they are downloaded more than a few times, or after they are a few days old. Inappropriate content will be deleted immediately.